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Cell rejuvenating 
supplements assist in removing toxins at cellular level to build healthy tissue and immune systems.

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Help the body to removes toxic waste, nanobacteria, pathogens & bad calcium at cellular level.

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Builds muscle, strong bones and organs at cellular level for overall health of mind, body and soul.

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Prevent and Cure Heart Disease, Strokes - Natural Therapy.

In all industrialized countries, cardiovascular disease has reached epidemic proportions. Today every second, a woman and or a man dies from this epidemic. Atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) is the disease process that leads to most heart attacks and strokes. Artery walls become thickened with decreased blood flow to vital organs. At age 30, every second young person has already developed early atherosclerosis in their coronary arteries. This disease develops over many years without our knowing it, and if nothing is done, this process will sooner or later lead to a heart attack, however don't despair read on a solution is a few minutes away.

Picture to the left: Dr. Matthias Rath and and two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling. In 1987, Dr. Matthias Rath discovered the connection between vitamin C deficiency and a new risk factor for heart disease- lipoprotein (a). The research findings were published in the American Heart Association journal Arteriosclerosis.

The findings: Heart attacks and strokes are not actual diseases. They are, rather, the direct consequence of long term vitamin deficiency, and they are preventable.

Cardiovascular Disease is an Early Form of Scurvy because our body cannot produce its own vitamin C; very few of us receive enough vitamins through our diet. We all get a small amount of vitamins in our daily diet, so that open scurvy is rare. However, the vitamin intake from our diet is not sufficient to stabilize the artery walls as in the case with vitamin C producing animals.

Over decades, millions of small cracks and lesions develop at the inner surface of the artery walls. When the surface of the artery walls has become brittle, cholesterol and other repair factors, particularly the sticky lipoprotein-a, enter the artery walls. The deposition of cholesterol inside the artery wall is therefore not the cause of cardiovascular disease, but a reaction to the underlying problem vitamin deficiency of the artery wall.

With insufficient vitamin supply over many years, the repair of the wall continues and leads to the feared atherosclerotic deposit. If these deposits form inside the coronary arteries of the heart, they lead to heart attack. If these deposits develop in the arteries of the brain, they lead to stroke.

Dr. Rath was able to show his patients that it is not only possible to prevent the further growth of atherosclerotic deposits; he also showed that cardiovascular disease can be reversed without bypass surgery and angioplasty. For this therapy, the amino acids lysine and proline play a particular role. They form a Teflon layer for the artery walls and release the fat particles that are already attached inside the artery walls. Existing deposits are dissolved naturally. Click here to continue






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